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Parents Comments

This group is run by a wonderful group of volunteers who make this a happy and informal gathering. 

Joe can be himself without being judged. He really enjoys it and it has definitely helped with his social 

skills. I have an opportunity to meet other mum’s and share experiences and good practice. It is an 

invaluable resource and is definitely needed.

Noah never sticks at anything, he comes home from school and doesn’t want to leave the house 

again, yet every Tuesday, come rain or shine, he wants to come to youth club. I’ll never forget the end of his first session when he said to me Mum I love it, I feel like I fit in there.


Kiran is always very reluctant to do any social activities or attend groups. Aspects is the only group he will attend and really enjoys. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly and Kiran fits in well. It’s also nice for me to chat with other mums and share experiences.  


Josh has always been reluctant to attend clubs of any sort as he finds it so difficult to interact with his peers. Aspects has allowed Josh to be accepted and feel comfortable in a group of kids his own age. He has been attending Aspects since the first ever session and he is still keen to come. 


Aspects is a place where Danny can come and be himself, enjoy doing things that other 12 year olds do, computer games; basketball and tuck shop. He is accepted for who he is and I know if he is struggling with something socially it will be dealt with sensitively and with understanding.

Aspects is somewhere Jake can be himself without feeling like he’s different. Somewhere he can have his own space and time without the pressure of his siblings, it’s

given him something to be excited about and given him independence and freedom, a chance to make friends out

side of school and given me a great sense of relief.  


Aspects is a place where Ben can mix with others without his siblings being around. It’s a place where he can play games or make things and be himself. Aspects is the only time Ben gets to mix with likeminded and be accepted. 


Elleisha loves coming to Aspects, she can be herself and isn’t singled out due to her disability. I would love to see more groups like Aspects, there isn’t enough provision and these children often miss out. I don’t know what we would do if Aspects closed. PS the trips out are brilliant!  


Alfie loves the trips out, something he wouldn’t have the opportunity to do, we love it!