Aspects Trust CIO


Aspects started 3 years ago with the youth group offering young people aged 13 – 19 the opportunity to meet and be sociable in a safe environment. The youth group started as an initiative of MK Council Youth Service. Aware that local authorities were under pressure a group came together to register Aspects as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) so it could bid for funds and raise money to sustain the youth group. Aspects has grown and we now have 3 groups: 


·Juniors 8-11

·Youth Group 11–16

·Transitions 16 –25 


We are fortunate that MK Council continue to support Aspects by providing highly skilled and 

dedicated youth workers for all our sessions, while the Trust pays the rent and for resources for the 


Our Trustees

Sue Quinn - Chair, Norman Cummings - Yvette Laimedy - 

The Trustees value the support of parents, it is their experience that guides the development of the 

Trust.  Our aim is to offer a seamless service for children and young people with Autism in Milton Keynes.


Charity Number -  1166543